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I work as a freelance photographer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Most of my assignments are for Dutch government departments responsible for education, health and social development and city councils. Alongside this I concentrate on independent projects. This work is based on looking at groups and their specific identity. The COMPOSITE project allows me to follow this theme.

I propose to look at police identity by making photographic typologies. Typologies are a systematic classification of types. By the method of comparison I hope to show where the similarities or differences are most obvious and to give an insight into the diversity of police and their work within Europe.

The subjects photographed concentrate on the facilities of different types of police. Each of the ten countries will be represented in as many of the subjects as possible.

The subjects include: office areas, arrest and cell areas, reception areas, training facilities, uniforms, meeting rooms, technological and forensic facilities, unique facilities specific to that country and portraits.

The immediacy and accessibility of photos makes it an ideal medium to use alongside a scientific research project. We are hoping to reach a wider general public for the research project through the use of our photos in the media, books and exhibitions.